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Utilizing video conferencing for medical consults

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A place to benefit society without borders and bureaucracy. Telemedicine Exchange is a medium to facilitate this connection by leveraging the telemedicine technology.


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Telemedicine Exchange is committed to provide telemedicine services across the globe. Telemedicine is still an emerging concept. The whole idea is to provide medical information and services through the use of telecommunication technologies. The medical data is transferred electronically from one location to another remote location anywhere in the world. The date includes:
  1. High resolution images
  2. Live video streaming
  3. Recorded videos
  4. Voice files
  5. Patient records etc.
Telecommunication technologies used for data transfer includes:
  1. Telephone lines
  2. CDs
  3. Internet etc.
Telemedicine is being used by more and more medical healthcare providers belonging to difference specialties. These specialties include:
  1. Oncology
  2. Surgery
  3. Cardiology
  4. Gynecology
  5. Dermatology etc.
There are two methods of telemedicine:
  1. Store telemedicine
    Medical information is stored and transferred to a qualified doctor located anywhere in the world. The response in that case would take 24 to 48 hours.
  2. Real time telemedicine
    Qualified doctor gets access to the patient’s data as soon as the local doctor receives information. Video conferencing is used along with live data transfer.  
Developing countries are in need of telemedicine more than the developed ones as they lack facilities and infrastructure. Most of the developed countries do not have appropriate doctor/ patient ratio which results in fatalities. We at Telemedicine Exchange understands the importance of providing specialized healthcare services to the people of developed countries through telemedicine.
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