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Utilizing video conferencing for medical consults

Payment gateway for remote video medical consults


A place to benefit society without borders and bureaucracy. Telemedicine Exchange is a medium to facilitate this connection by leveraging the telemedicine technology.


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  1. Increase your revenue stream without increasing your overheads and liability

  2. And help those patients around the world seeking your expertise

  3. Volunteer to help poor and get philanthropic credentials on your profile

  4. Any credentialing or insurance re-imbursement issues will be dealt by us on case by case basis

  5. If you opt in to accept insurance based patients, the credentialing process may have to be undertaken, which will also give you a large exposure to patient base in US

  6. The process will managed by our EMR and billing system. All transcription, EMR, billing, collection and follow-up will be handled by us. Your fee will be reimbursed as we collect in such case minus our fees of 20%
Note: Your hospital my list you in our directory as a provider but your contract jurisdiction through your hospital is not applicable to a patient outside that geographical region or anywhere else globally. We will always call you to confirm the consult before arranging for an appointment.

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